Brand Bucks™ for your Business. The easiest way to 3x-4x your revenue.


 Why use Brand Bucks™?

We Can Turn Your Existing Promotional Offers in to a Beautiful Brand Currency Just For You!

Get Incredible Value For Your Business

  • Free Creative Set-Up ($195 Value)

  • $0 Monthly Sales and Marketing Cost

  • Custom Brand Bucks™ With Your Logo

  • Attract Loyal Fans and Promoters

  • Add a New Sales Channel

Increase Sales and Profit

  • $0 Customer Acquisition Cost

  • Skyrocket Conversion Rates

  • Double Your Average Order Size

  • Save on CC Processing Fees

  • 3x Your Revenue

Here are the steps to apply:

  • Fill out the quick application.

  • Send your logo to our creative department.

  • Approve your beautiful Brand Bucks™ card.

  • Let us handle the sales and marketing of your Brand Bucks™!

    It’s that EASY.

“Brands Bucks for companies is a simple to use, no out of pocket cost, hassle-free way to offer higher purchase points deals and tap into new markets.
It’s another automated system that works great, drives qualified buyers to our site, with nothing on-going to manage. As the founder of Phytorite CBD I already consider it a digital asset that has significant potential for ROI.”
— Charlie Stivers | Phytorite
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