Affiliate Marketing

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The pain of Affiliate Programs 

If you have ever tried affiliate programs to grow your sales, you’ve probably quickly learned that there is less value for your business then it is worth. We couldn’t agree with you more, which is exactly why we created Brand Bucks™.

Brand Bucks is the simplest Affiliate sales program on the market today. What makes use the simplest?

Our program has:

  • Transacted $10,000,000+ of dollars and have learned the holes

  • Instant Access to 50,000 active shoppers

  • No management

  • No Fees

  • No Risk

  • No Headache


Why Brand Bucks?

Brand Bucks is simple and was built for businesses just like you. We simplified our affiliate program and made our system a one step program to getting instant sales.

Here is how it works:

  • Sign up for Brand Bucks™ by Applying Here

  • Send us your logo

  • Provide us a discount code (Your choice of %)

  • We sell that code as a Voucher or Gift Card on our partner platforms

It’s as easy as that. Don’t let a bad tase from other affiliate programs stop you from joining the leading platform in Affiliate sales.

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